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The Engineering Department of Roben Manufacturing has the technical capability and experience to carry out the mechanical and thermal design, analysis and to prepare fabrication drawings for reactors, pressure vessels, columns, tubular reactors, shell and tube heat exchangers and steel structures for critical applications.

Our design engineers, draftsmen and metallurgists are conversant with various design codes and with a range of materials from low and high alloy steel to exotic alloys and titanium. The department is equipped with the latest commercial software systems for optimization of thermal design, failure (finite element and model analysis), vibration free operation, seismic and load conditions.

Roben plans and coordinates all project management activities from development through equipment delivery. The Project Managers are responsible for the development of procedures to meet the requirements of contractual obligations and monitoring and reporting of production progress. They are supported by efficient electronic data processing (ERP) system.

Roben has implemented a policy of innovation and the concept of an integral and open partnership which leads to excellence and opens new industrial     perspectives to all. By implementing certain technologies and know how between the partners, bilateral pacts can be developed for particular contracts to develop the most cost competitive, efficient solutions.

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